Roof Types in Durban

Roof types in Durban. The roof will be one of the most noticeable aspects of your new home, accounting for 20-30% of the visible exterior surface. As a result, the covering must be carefully considered at the planning stage. Style of Home and Roof Types The style of your home, your architect, and even your

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Gutter Installations Near Me

Rooftite Projects offers gutter installations near me. We install complete gutter systems at a reasonable rate without compromising the quality of our workmanship. When searching for a guttering company it is always best to search for a guttering company closeby where the work will be carried out. This provides prompt service without waiting for a

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Roofing Near Me Roof Repairs

Rooftite Projects is a large commercial, industrial and residential roofing near me roof repairs contractor. Rooftite roofing projects are experienced in the evaluation and installation of both low sloped and steep-sloped roof systems. Headquartered in Durban, we provide services throughout South Africa. The majority of our customers are located in Durban. With regard to installation,

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Pro Roofing in Durban

Pro roofing in Durban. The team at Rooftite Projects knows that roofing contractors are not alike. You will find many roofers who install the same roofing products, but you will need to look closer at the values and experience and then make a choice. We understand that you need a contractor who will install your

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All Around Gutters in Durban

All around gutters in Durban are an interesting topic because while it seems everyone understands the main purpose of gutters, there are many misconceptions and confusion as to whether or not gutters are really necessary and to what extent. What All Around Gutters Do All around gutters in Durban redirects water away from your building

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Garage Roof Replacements in Durban

Garage roof replacements in Durban. Rooftite Projects has decades of experience in the roofing business and we pride ourselves on our exceptional workmanship. We use materials from shingles to self-adhesive membranes, we use the best there is. Your garage roof replacements in Durban aren’t the only thing that needs to be replaced; you will need

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Plastic Guttering in Durban

Plastic Guttering in Durban Plastic guttering in Durban is a popular option as it is reliable, durable, and affordable. Plastic guttering is a popular option for guttering systems due to its durability, quality, and affordability. We install all types of plastic guttering systems from half round to square-shaped. With decades of experience in plastic guttering

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Industrial Gutters in Durban

Rooftite projects are the number one industrial gutter in Durban company. We are a reliable and honest industrial gutter contractor with over a decade in installations and repairs of all gutters. If you are a contractor that requires large industrial type gutter installations, we are the company to use. Rooftite projects use the highest quality

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