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The roof is the top covering of a building which includes the construction and materials needed to support the roof on the walls of the building or on its uprights. The roof provides protection from the rain, sunlight, and extreme weather conditions. The roof is essential for all industrial buildings and homes. Roofing is done by roofing companies and roof contractors.

Industrial Roofing Company

Rooftite Projects Pty Ltd is an industrial roofing company in Pietermaritzburg offering multiple options for your roof:

·         New roofs installed in Pietermaritzburg

·         Roof restoration in Pietermaritzburg

·         Roof repairs in Pietermaritzburg 

·         Yearly roof maintenance in Pietermaritzburg

Industrial Roofing in Pietermaritzburg done by Rooftite Projects Pty Ltd includes any type of roof, building roofs, plant roofs, warehouse roofs, shopping mall roofs, school roofs, factory roofs, and all commercial roofs in Pietermaritzburg KZN.

Commercial Roofing Companies

At Rooftite Projects Pty Ltd, we offer comprehensive commercial roofing in Pietermaritzburg to commercial building owners in Pietermaritzburg. We carry out these commercial roofing services;

·         Roof inspections

·         Roof restorations

·         Roof maintenance

·         Roof repairs solutions

Rooftite Projects Pty Ltd provides all your commercial roofing solutions in Pietermaritzburg KZN.

We specialize in Industrial and Commercial Roofing, construction, roofing repair, maintenance and installation of commercial and industrial roof systems in Pietermaritzburg.

Roof Repairs

Roof repairs in Pietermaritzburg done by Rooftite Projects Pty Ltd. We carry out all roof repairs to any roofing system. Roofing systems can fall victim to severe weather outbreaks, fallen debris, vandals, excessive roof traffic or other unexpected events. The smallest of leaks can lead to catastrophic issues such as operational interruption, equipment damage and ultimately structural damage to the existing facility. Rooftite Projects Pty Ltd do roof repairs to all types of roofing in Pietermaritzburg KZN.

Quick mobilization of experienced repair teams to minimize internal damage. Rooftite Projects Pty Ltd will provide the necessary documentation needed for your roof insurance claims. We provide existing roof assessment and quotation for the best longterm options for all roofing in Pietermaritzburg.

Roof Replacement re-roofing

Rooftite Projects Pty Ltd is a roof replacement company in Pietermaritzburg, Rooftite Projects Pty Ltd do re-roofing in Pietermaritzburg KZN. For all roof replacement and re-roofing in Pietermaritzburg, Rooftite Projects Pty Ltd should be who you call when your roof needs replacement or when you decide to re-roof your roof.


Waterproofing Company in Pietermaritzburg. Waterproofing of roofs done by Rooftite Projects Pty Ltd. Rooftite Projects Pty Ltd waterproof roofs in Pietermaritzburg KZN.

Which is the best waterproofing company in Pietermaritzburg?

Rooftite Projects Pty Ltd is the best guttering company in Pietermaritzburg.


Guttering Company in Pietermaritzburg. Guttering for roofs done by the best guttering company in Pietermaritzburg. Rooftite Projects Pty Ltd in Pietermaritzburg is a guttering company.

Which is the best guttering company in Pietermaritzburg?

Rooftite Projects Pty Ltd is the best guttering company in Pietermaritzburg.

Suburban Roofing Pietermaritzburg

Suburban roofing In Pietermaritzburg includes industrial and commercial roofing. Rooftite Projects Pty Ltd is a suburban roofing company in Pietermaritzburg. We specialise in roofing, waterproofing and guttering. We work on all suburban roofing in Pietermaritzburg.

KZN Roofing

Rooftite Projects Pty Ltd is a KZN roofing company in Pietermaritzburg KZN. Rooftite Projects Pty Ltd for your waterproofing in KZN, guttering in KZN and KZN roofing.


Pietermaritzburg is the capital and second-largest city in the province of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. It was founded in 1838 and is currently governed by the Msunduzi Local Municipality. Its Zulu name umGungundlovu is the name used for the district municipality. It is a regionally important industrial hub, producing aluminium, timber and dairy products, as well as the main economic hub of Umgungundlovu District Municipality. The public sector is a major employer in the city due to the local, district and provincial governments being located here. The city was founded by the Voortrekkers, following the defeat of Dingaan at the Battle of Blood River, and was the capital of the short lived Boer republic, Natalia. Britain took over Pietermaritzburg in 1843 and it became the seat of the Natal Colony’s administration. In 1893, Natal received responsibility for their own government and an assembly building was built along with the city hall. In 1910, when the Union of South Africa was formed, Natal became a province of the Union, and Pietermaritzburg remained the capital. Until the late-1990’s, the region was renowned for the production of high quality textile, clothing and footwear products. However, these industries have declined in the area due to lower production costs in Asia. Extensive timber plantations and numerous citrus farms surround the city, contributing a significant share of the city’s output. The city is served by Pietermaritzburg Airport, which has regular scheduled services to OR Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg and Cape Town International Airport in Cape Town. The postal code of Pietermaritzburg is 3201.

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Pietermaritzburg. Via N3. Fastest route. This route has tolls. Get on N3 from Chief Albert Luthuli St and Alan Paton Ave. Continue on N3 to Mount Moriah, KwaMashu. Take exit 177 from N2. Continue on R102. Take Rinaldo Rd and Longwoods Dr to Margaret Maytom Avenue Durban North. Rooftite Projects Pty Ltd, 21 Margaret Maytom Avenue, Durban North, 4051 KwaZulu-Natal.

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