Affordable roofing available

Affordable Roofing in Durban

Affordable roofing available in Durban. Rooftite Projects is a commercial, industrial, and residential roofing company. We take pride in our workmanship and reasonable rates. We believe in building a good relationship with our customers and maintain a trustworthy and professional reputation.

Rooftite Projects has completed roofing projects throughout the greater Durban area for over a decade and we acknowledge our success is mostly due to our passion and dedication.

Affordable Quality Roofing

Rooftite projects are fully dedicated to quality over quantity and we will never rush a job so that we can move onto the next project. We use the best materials and solutions for all types of roofing projects – big or small. Our team of experienced roofing specialists will provide you with a comprehensive inspection on-site and suggest the best options for your roofing requirements. All workmanship and materials are guaranteed and quality checked. We only use quality-tested products from the best manufacturers in Durban. We will never be anything less than transparent with our clients.

Affordable Roofing Repairs

When your roof becomes damaged, you need to sort it quickly. Rooftite Projects will professionally inspect your entire roof system and undertake a thorough assessment of the damage. By doing this, we can repair and eliminate all leaking issues using the best products for your roofing project.


When you need to have your roof replaced, we will evaluate the condition of your existing roof system and advise accordingly. Our team of experts will remove the existing roof and replace any damaged sheathing, fascia, and barge boards. We will construct your brand new roofing system.

New Roofing

Rooftite Projects offers the highest quality products and most advanced technologies for your new roof project. We are professional and well trained in the roofing industry and pride ourselves on our quality and advanced roofing technologies.