When it comes to hail, storm, and wind damage repair, we are your go-to roofing specialist. We repair and install all types of roofing for industrial, business, and homeowners. Hire us to do the job and you will only experience professional and reliable workmanship. No job is too big or small and we are ready and able to serve our local community. Our rates are competitive and we are transparent about the expenses involved as we believe that an honest reputation is key in the roofing industry.

Rooftite projects are capable of installing and repairing roofing of all sizes and types, low sloped, and steep-sloped. We have affordable yet durable roofing options for both commercial, industrial and residential customers.

There are many roofing options available. Choose the one that is the best for your requirements.

Corrugated Metal Roofing

Corrugated metal is lightweight, attractive, and weather resistant. This durable option is the most sustainable choice for both commercial and residential roofing.

Fibre Cement Roofing

Fibre cement is durable, strong, and resistant to fire, mould, rot, and bacteria. This material does not shrink, warp, or crack once it is installed.

IBR Roof Sheeting

Inverted Box Rib (IBR) roof sheeting is used as roof sheeting in commercial, industrial, and residential properties. This type of sheeting is durable and known for its strength in the construction industry.

Torch-On Waterproofing

Torch-on waterproofing is where a torch is used to heat fuse asphalt material directly onto the roof. It is used on flat roofs where rain is pooled up and stays for long periods. It covers the whole roof surface and thickness.