Whether you are planning on renovating your existing house or business gutters or simply maintaining them, you would be wise to make sure your gutters are up to standard. Our teams of house, commercial and industrial gutter specialists are available to assess and assist with choosing the best option for your budget and requirements. Rooftite specializes in Seamless Aluminium and PVC aluminum gutters. Rooftite offers a professional and affordable gutter service and we ensure that only the best materials are used. If you notice any cracks, peeling paint, rust, mildew, or sagging in your home gutters, it is time to replace them.

Gutters can be a pain in the kneck and a daunting task to keep maintained. During autumn and spring, the gutters have to be cleared of leaves and debris from heavy rainfall. During heavy rain seasons, gallons of water can dam up next to your home causing damage to the foundation of your home.

If you do not maintain your gutters, you will have to fork out extra money to fix exterior damage, eroding soil, and damp problems such as peeling paint, rotting of siding, soffits, and fascias. Gutters are undoubtedly a necessity for many houses or businesses and their saving grace from damage.

Seamless Aluminium Gutters

This is a popular option as it is affordable and rust-free and it comes in various colors including zinc and copper. Aluminum lasts for around 25 years with proper care.

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PVC Gutters

PVC gutters are manufactured from PVC plastic, it won’t rust or corrode and it can’t be dented or dinged.


Downpipes are connected to gutters and take water away from the roof and direct it to a tank or water system. Downpipes can get clogged up with leaves, debris or rust out if made from metal. Rooftite has the expertise to install downpipes that can control the heaviest of downpours. Call us today for a meeting and we will give you options for the best way forward.

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