Downpipes Contractors in Durban

Downpipes Contractors in Durban

Downpipes are rainwater management systems. They protect a building from downpours and take the rainwater away from building and into the ground. Water that collects on the roof runs down into the downpipes and is transported to the main underground drainage system.

Why Do We Need Downpipes?

Durban is known for heavy summer rainfall and if you do not have strong downpipes during this season, your property will suffer the consequences. Your system needs to be able to handle the volume of rain and the speed at which it comes down. Downpipes should be installed around your building to successfully prevent downpours from damaging your foundation. After all, there is a no bigger headache than dealing with flooding and the costs of the damages afterwards.

What are Downpipes Made of?

Originally made from cast iron or lead, are now predominantly PVC, steel, or aluminium. If you are uncertain of what type suits your property, we will assess your property and suggest the best options that suit your requirements and budget.

Why is it important to replace broken downpipes?

Water that flows from a cracked or broken gutter system will cause costly damages such as damp to your property. There are also health risks involved with mould and rotting debris. We will come out and do an assessment of your gutter system and suggest whether you need to replace them or simply repair them.

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As you have read, downpipes that collect and move water away from your property are very important components to protect your foundation and landscaping from water damage. If you need a new downpipe system installed, we are too happy to help you choose the best downpipe system for your requirements. Contact Rooftite Projects today for an assessment before you are flooded with extra costs you do not need. Durban North Roofing, Waterproofing and Guttering Company Rooftite Services