Flat concrete roof repairs

Flat Concrete Roof Repairs

Many roofs throughout the world are constructed using concrete. These concrete structures are usually made with reinforced steel. Rooftite Projects is an experienced and professional flat concrete roof repairs company that uses the best products and skilled workers in the industry.

Why do I need a flat concrete roof repairs company?

Concrete is made up of several ingredients, such as:

  • Calcium carbonate
  • Sand
  • Sea life skeletons ( Reef life)

Unfortunately, these substances dissolve in very wet environments unless protected. Rooftite Projects prides itself on its wide array of services for all types of roofing projects. From flat concrete roof repairs to concrete waterproofing, our team of professional roofers will update your facility into a safer and more productive work or living environment.

How do I know if I need flat concrete roof repairs?

You may not be able to know if your roof needs repairs as you are not on your roof often. Over time moisture starts to seep through into your building and this is really bad news. We have knowledgeable estimators who are experienced in assessing your concrete roofs and look for signs of any possible future damage. Preventative maintenance at the first sign of deterioration will stop further damage.  

 We repair cracks as well as spalls that need replacing. Rooftite Project’s team of experts approach each customer and project with the same care and expertise, resulting in total customer satisfaction. Once we have repaired your roof, we can apply any number of coatings that will best suit our needs.

Roof Coatings and upgrades

Roof coatings are very popular because they flex with the expansion and contraction of concrete as the temperatures change or structures shift – preventing cracks. An old tar-coated roof becomes brittle and will crack over time and contaminates are able to penetrate and start breaking it down. We repair and maintain all concrete roofs.

Rooftite Projects is here for all your concrete roof repairs and maintenance. Rooftite Projects makes large complex projects simple and affordable.

Roof Underlay Repair

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