Gutter and Down pipe

Gutter and Downpipe Issues and Solutions

Gutter and Down Pipe Issues and Solutions

Recognizing some of the most typical gutter and downpipe issues that older buildings face will help you take action sooner rather than later. Cast iron gutters and downpipes are the most typical form of rainwater discharge on older structures.

Gutter blockages

Check for a build-up of leaves, silt, or slate debris, which can cause plants to grow and clog gutters.

Downpipes clogged

In heavy rain, look for water backing up into the gutter, overflowing gutters, or water-driven out of downpipe joints. Water trapped in clogged downpipes might freeze and fracture the cast iron.

Gulleys that are Clogged

Check for debris, plant growth, and gravel in any open gulley traps at ground level. Make sure the subsurface drainage system isn’t clogged.

Brackets for Gutters

Check for any broken or loose gutter brackets that could cause the gutter to become out of alignment.

Brackets for downpipes

Check for any cracked, loose, or missing brackets that could cause downpipes to separate at the joints. On the wall behind joints and down the pipe, look for water staining and algae growth.

Cast iron in good condition

On cast iron, look for cracked, spilled, peeling paint finishes or corrosion. Back of gutters where they are tight against the wall or hidden beneath slates, behind downpipes, and at the joints are problem spots to watch out for. In lead gutters, look for small holes, rips, and thinning of the surface.

What you can do to help

Keep all obstructions clear to allow water to flow easily and rapidly from the roof by cleaning the gutters – especially in the winter. Regularly painting the cast iron will keep it in good shape. Ensure that your lead gutters are inspected by a qualified lead contractor.

When compared to other gutter materials is PVC gutters are the better solution

PVC may be customized in a wide range of colors and styles.
It is available in a wide range of appealing styles and colors. To achieve this, you must place special orders, which normally come at a cost. Most gutter businesses can match your home’s exteriors. They also keep their color for a long time because they are made of high-quality materials.

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