Re-roofing Contractors

Re-roofing Contractors in Durban

Re-Roofing Contractors

We also offer a re-roofing contractors service and can install entirely new roofs from the ground up, in addition to minor repairs. Our crew uses high-quality, long-lasting materials like clay-slate and lead tiles, and they work attentively to ensure that all of our roofs turn out beautifully. The process begins with the removal of your old roof and the installation of a breathable material onto the underlying framework. We next batten the roof with treated wood and install slate or tiles of your choice, ending with ridge tiles and leadwork.

In comparison to other local roofing firms, we are roofing specialists in the Durban area, delivering cost-effective roof repair services.

We operate on all types of roofs and have a proven track record of providing excellent re-roofing and repairs to a large number of satisfied customers in the Durban area. We provide all required equipment and work quickly to assure your home’s safety during the roof replacement process. Our leak repair services are critical for any leaks you may discover in your house, so don’t hesitate to contact us for help right away.

Our re-roofing service is an excellent solution to resolve the issue for the future for roofs that are seriously damaged or in desperate need of modernization.

Our thoroughly educated roofing specialists will inspect your current roof before getting to work on a complete roof replacement that is customized to your needs.

Re-roofing, maintenance and repairs on a regular basis can help you avoid more costly problems in the future. Rooftite Projects provides a free roof inspection to identify any issues that may arise as a result of full re-roofing or roof repairs.

We take pleasure in the quality of work we provide; regardless of the size or scope of the project, we work hard to complete it to the greatest standards, leaving you with a roofing system that will not only keep your structure secure, but will also survive for decades.

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