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Roof Replacement Company in Durban

Roof Replacement Company in Durban

In South Africa, some older house roofs require a roof replacement company rather than maintenance. A house examination will determine whether the best option is roof replacement or roof upkeep.

Best Roof Replacement Company in Durban

We are roof repair experts that will only recommend roof replacement if it is absolutely essential. We take pride in offering the most cost-effective solution to all of our customers. We aim to be the best roof replacement company in Durban.

All of our roof replacements have always been done with the utmost care. Before work begins, we will provide you with a plan of work so that you are informed of the timeframes and work that will be completed.

Roof Replacement Options for Coastal Property

For coastal residences, traditional roofing materials are usually a poor choice. Learn about six roofing materials that are popular for beach houses because of their strength and aesthetic appeal.

1. Tiles made of clay

Clay tiles are common in coastal homes because they blend in well with the Mediterranean-style architecture present in several coastal areas, such as Durban areas. They might not fit in with the aesthetic of other coastal places, like Cape Town. Clay tiles, in addition to their attractive appearance, have practical utility for coastal properties. Because they are inherently resistant to the weathering impacts of water and sea air, they are extremely long-lasting.

2. Slate Tiles No. 2

Slate is another classic roofing material that is ideal for coastal dwellings. Slate is a natural stone that comes in a wide range of colors, including neutrals like black and gray as well as more vibrant hues like green, red, and purple. Slate tiles, like clay tiles, are extremely durable and fire-resistant. Slate roofs may endure a century or more, making them one of the most durable roof materials available. Slate is a popular choice for Colonial and European-style residences, such as French chateaus, but it may also be used in luxury beach houses.

3. Steel

Steel is a popular material for metal roofing, utilized in a number of residences and beach houses. The materials for steel roofing are in huge sheets and can be left in a metallic color or painted or colored. Metal is cheaper than any other material that we’ve talked about, but its appearance is also somewhat different, which can look wonderful at your beach house.

Both galvanized and oxidated steel offers practical advantages, both of which can be viewed on the market today. Since the metal reflects heat naturally and does not absorb it, the roof can maintain the attic and the entire house cooler which can provide great advantages on the coast.

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