Roof Tilers Near Me

Roof Tilers Near Me

Are you looking for roof tilers near you? We at Rooftite projects are experts in the roofing industry in Durban. Our teams of experienced roof tilers are professional and efficient at all times. Roof tiles may need replacing, especially before the rainy season.

How do I know I need the services of roof tilers?

Is your roof sagging?

Does the roof look old and needs a makeover?

Are there noises inside your roof?

Is your ceiling sagging?

Do you have loose gutters or fascia boards?

Is there a dripping sound inside the roof when it rains?

We at Rooftite Projects pride ourselves on exceptional roof tilers workmanship. Roof tiles are beautiful, sustainable and distinctive and offer longevity. Tile roofs are weather resistant to heavy rainfall, fire and insect damage. These roofs last for centuries and when a building owner invests in tiled roofs, it’s the best investment they will make.

Clay Tile Roofing

Clay tiles are not only beautiful to look at but it also has a long life cycle. Tile doesn’t burn, rot or degrade and it comes in a variety of styles, colours and brands. The tiles are fragile so you won’t be able to walk on them but they are extremely weather resistant to UV rays and rainfall. Tiles also warm up a building in winter and keep it cool during summer.

If you are tired of fixing leaks or need a roof tile makeover, Rooftite projects can help. We have decades of experience with installing and repairing the roofing of all sizes and slopes. We offer roofing options for commercial, industrial and residential roofing.

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