Roof Waterproofing Services in Durban

Roof Waterproofing Services

We offer roof waterproofing services in Durban. All of your waterproofing requirements for your roof can be met by our specialists.

Roofing Waterproofing, Coating, and Coating for All Types of Roofs * Residential and Commercial Service * Many Options Available.

If you have a commercial, industrial, or multi-family complex that needs waterproofing for your patios, deck, walkway, or parking structure Rooftite Project can help.

Waterproofing comes in a variety of forms, but you should use the appropriate one for the job at hand. Choosing the best waterproofing membrane for your commercial roof can be aided by looking for the following characteristics.

In order to avoid costly damage, make sure your new single-ply roof coating is compatible with the current roof surface. Re-emulsification may occur if urethane is applied over acrylic elastomeric, for example. The adhesion of the waterproofing membrane would be hindered by any surface with silicone on top.

Without trees above your building, the waterproofing membrane must be UV stable or resistant to damage from the sun. Otherwise, the sun’s rays will wear it down, causing it to lose its potency.

For a high-rise or steel construction, the waterproofing membrane on your roof needs to be able to expand and contract with the building’s movement, as well as conceal any cracks that may form over time. Elongation is measured in percentages by manufacturers. Stretching up to 1.5 times beyond its original shape is possible if the material has a 150 percent extension rate.

It’s important to ensure that the waterproofing on your building isn’t so effective that it keeps water from escaping if it does leak. Look for a barrier that blocks water but allows vapor to get through.

A material’s tear resistance can be affected by its elongation %, even if it is quite high. The waterproof membrane on your vehicle should be able to endure both high winds and severe downpours.
Additionally, the material must be able to handle normal wear and tear over time, as well as the force of tearing.

During construction, workers may drop nails, screws, and other heavy objects on a material to test its abrasion resistance. The membrane will leak into your commercial property if it may be ripped by rough items.
If chemicals and trash from surrounding industrial areas and construction sites are present, the membrane should be chemically stable. When soil and building materials are present, the membrane’s chemical inertness could be compromised.

The waterproofing membrane must be able to conform to the irregularities of your roof’s contour. Liquid membranes are ideal in this situation due to their flexibility and ability to take on any shape. In contrast, a single sheet membrane is prone to folding and creases, which can result in gaps between the membrane and the underlay.

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