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Roofing and Fascia Services in Durban

Roofing and Fascia

Rooftite Projects Roofing and Fascia offer energy-efficient roofing that will protect your investment while also improving the aesthetic appeal of your family’s home’s exterior. If you get our roofing system installed, you will be prepared for anything Mother Nature may throw at you.

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With a wide selection of roofing colors and styles to choose from, you’ll be sure to discover the ideal match for your home with us.

Every Expectation is Met

You have high expectations when it comes to the replacement of your roof. Your home’s roof replacements must ensure that it remains secure and dry for decades to come while also improving its outward appeal.

Whatever the style of your home (detached, bungalow, semi-detached, terraced, etc.), we may re-roof it with a variety of materials, including metal, concrete tile, and clay tiles, among others. Rooftite Projects takes care of comprehensive re-roofing jobs from beginning to end, causing the least amount of interruption to the homeowner as feasible.

Regardless of how large or little your roofing requirements are, we have the skills to complete the work to your complete satisfaction. We will walk you through every step of the process and will work within your budget and time frame.

Do you require a new roof?

​You may not have realized that older roofs are more vulnerable to damage caused by extreme weather events.

Are you planning to sell your home or want to raise the value of your existing home?

Your home’s worth might increase significantly when you install a new roof, which can account for at least 40% of the overall appeal of your home’s exterior.


The installation of a secure roof can help to keep your home insulated and can prevent heat loss in cold weather as well as heat gain in warm weather situations.

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