roofing contractors near my location

Roofing Contractors Near My Location

Roofing contractors near my location

Roofing contractors near my location. Rooftite Projects is a group of skilled roofing contractors based in Durban and the surrounding area that is committed to offering the highest level of roof maintenance and installation. We have continually delivered quality service to a wide range of very satisfied customers with  years of industry experience. We provide a wide range of roofing services, from chimney-stacks to slipped roof tiles, all of which are completed with the utmost skill and care.

We also offer a re-roofing service and can install entirely new roofs from the ground up, in addition to minor repairs. Our crew uses high-quality, long-lasting materials like clay slate and lead tiles, and they work attentively to ensure that all of our roofs turn out beautifully. The process begins with the removal of your old roof and the installation of a breathable material onto the underlying framework.

Roof Repair in an Emergency

A spell of rain, high winds, or storms can cause catastrophic tile damage or an unexpected leak at any time. We understand how vital it is for your home to have a secure roof. That’s why we provide a 24-hour emergency roof repair service for roof problems that require quick care.

Our skilled staff can undertake emergency repairs for your property whether it has a flat roof, a regular roof, a terraced roof, or a converted roof – including dormers and skylights. When you spot damage to your roof, you should act quickly to avoid water from entering the property and causing further long-term problems.

We are a well-known organization with a number of significant companies in Durban who use our services on a regular basis. We have extensive expertise with both large and small residential projects. Are you looking for roofing contractors near my location? We are a Durban North-based roofing company and service the entire Durban area.

All varieties of roof coverings are our expertise, and we can repair and maintain them. Most of the time, all that is required to extend the life of your roof is a minor repair to the coverings. We take satisfaction in always fixing a roof as soon as possible.

Commercial Roofing Maintenance