waterproofing a roof

Waterproofing a Roof in Durban

Waterproofing a roof in Durban is less drastic than tearing it off and replacing it, but it is more involved than spot repairs. Waterproofing has six significant advantages for commercial property owners.

Waterproofing is Economical

Waterproofing, which involves spraying an acrylic, urethane, or silicone coating on top of your existing single-ply or built-up roof, is significantly less expensive than replacing it.

Efficiency in Energy

Waterproof spray coatings can be designed with highly reflecting chemicals to reflect infrared energy away from your structure. This saves you money by lowering your cooling bills.

Some waterproofing and reflective coatings may be eligible for rebates, which will increase your net profit. Energy Star certified products, which are backed by the federal government, frequently come with warranties.

Increased Life Expectancy

A roof that repels heat will endure far longer than one that absorbs heat, especially in south Florida. This is due to the waterproofing, which helps deflect heat and keeps the roof’s chemicals intact. On a cool roof, the chemicals and polymers do not degrade as quickly as they would on a hot roof.

Comfortable Temperatures

Waterproofing reduces heat absorption, keeping your entire business property cooler and boosting staff and customer comfort. Employees that are calmer are more productive. Customers that are at ease are more inclined to linger and return, resulting in increased sales.

Reduced Humidity

Waterproofing, at its most basic level, prevents water infiltration. When roof leaks are caused by cracking, shrinkage, or seam separation, waterproofing eliminates the problem. Humidity levels fall as a result of less water entering your building. At higher temperatures, less humid air cools more efficiently and provides more comfort.

Maintenance Made Simple

With a waterproof coating applied to your current roof membrane, modified bitumen, or built-up roof, repairs and maintenance become much easier. Repairs will be smaller and less extensive, and there will be fewer problem areas to occupy your overworked maintenance personnel.

Roof waterproofing in Durban