Waterproofing companies in South Africa

Waterproofing Companies in South Africa

We are experts in all waterproofing items and will provide you with waterproofing solutions to your problems.

Our waterproofing comes with a 10-year guarantee against leaks and faulty workmanship, ranging from membrane waterproofing to “Torch-on” waterproofing, in which bituminous materials are placed on the surface and heated to form a waterproof surface. (Keep in mind the bituminous waterproofing must be painted.)

Among the services we provide are:

  • Hot bitumen with the new polyester sheet membranes for built-up roofing.
  • “Torch–on” is a phrase used to describe a situation in which an Internal and external torch applied membrane systems.
  • Membranes were added to balcony areas before the tile was installed.
  • Metal Decking & Corrugated Sheet Metal Restoration: Complete restoration of metal decking and corrugated sheet metal.
  • Internal and external damp-proofing walls, including re-pointing of brickwork

Waterproofing for Companies

Standing water, mold, odors, and discoloration are all telltale signs of a leaking structure. They’re unpleasant, and they can hurt morale, efficiency, and even employee retention.
A decent workplace is one that is free of moisture. However, you must first locate the leaks. We will assist you with your waterproofing requirements. Please contact us for a free consultation and site tour so that we can suggest the best waterproofing solution for your building.

If you have a water leakage, it is most likely flowing in through your roof or walls. It’s relatively easy to locate a leaking roof. It’s more difficult to fix a leaky wall. Brick houses, for example, are prone to difficult-to-detect wall leaks. Examine the transitions between brick courses, corners, and the intersections of brick and other materials. It could be a water entry if your “caulk” appears to be broken.

Roofing and Waterproofing in Durban