Why is waterproofing a roof so Important?

Why is waterproofing a roof so Important?

If you are a business owner, homeowner, or commercial business owner, you would do good to consider waterproofing your roof. Waterproofing your roof is easier than replacing your entire roof and with all the benefits. Why is waterproofing a roof so Important?


Prevents future damage such as:
  • Wear
  • Decay
  • Water Leaks
  • Snow, ice, and wind damage
  • UV damage
We use SIKA Chemflex products for waterproofing for the best and long-lasting results.


It saves you time and money in the short term because it is much more affordable than a complete roof replacement. When you waterproof your roof, you will not have to maintain it regularly. You will save money and you will extend the life of your roof for decades to come.

Energy saving

In this day and age, we could all do with saving costs on heating and cooling. It assists with this endeavor as heat and sunlight are reflected off the roof in the summer months.

Humidity control

It prevents water leaks and reduces the humidity levels in the building and preventing mold.  A safe and healthy building is a good reason to have waterproofing done.

Low in Maintenance

Waterproofing is simpler to maintain than your existing structure. When maintenance and repairs are required, it is quicker to perform than on a conventional roof alone. Most repairs will only need to be done on the waterproofing than the roof itself.