Commercial roof repair

Commercial Roof Repair in Durban

Commercial Roof Repair in Durban

Commercial roof repair in Durban. A well-maintained and safe roofing system is a very vital part of a building. A roof that is installed and maintained correctly protects the interior of your building, protecting it from severe weather and prevents fire hazards too. It is wise to choose the best commercial roof repair contractors to do the job so that you are not wasting your time or money.

Signs that you require commercial roof repair in Durban

Blisters Materials used are meant to be flexible but too much moisture or heat creates blisters that allow moisture to seep in and weaken its structure. This causes a roof to prematurely degrade and deems it unsafe from severe weather systems, debris, and wind.

Stagnant water and water damage on a roof

Stagnant water has damaging effects on commercial roofing systems such as:
  • Bacteria and mold
  • Weakened supports due to rust and wood rot

Roof drainage

It’s vital that your roof has proper drainage the last thing you need is a clogged up roof system caused by:
  • Debris
  • Water pools
  • Waste
Cracks and worn seams on the roof allow water to seep into the interior of a building. Standing water is heavy and causes damage to the structure of a building. Problems with neighboring buildings If you have a building close to your main building, there may be debris and water falling onto your roof. If your roof is poorly maintained this would cause serious problems and be a costly issue. Design Errors If your roof isn’t designed correctly, there is no way it will be safe or durable in the long run. In Durban, we ensure that roofs are built according to climate and economy.

Roof Inspection and Maintenance

Regular maintenance and inspection must be done to avoid future calamity. Prevention is after all better than cure. If you require an inspection of your existing commercial roof, feel free to contact Rooftite Projects today. A commercial roof should be inspected at least twice annually by a professional roofing company.