Garage Roof Replacements in Durban

Garage Roof Replacements in Durban

Garage roof replacements in Durban. Rooftite Projects has decades of experience in the roofing business and we pride ourselves on our exceptional workmanship. We use materials from shingles to self-adhesive membranes, we use the best there is. Your garage roof replacements in Durban aren’t the only thing that needs to be replaced; you will need to protect whatever you are storing in your garage.

Use a professional roof replacement contractor who will install all components of a proper roof system, such as vents, insulation, and drip edges. Without a full roof system, your garage roof could quickly succumb to the elements and cause damage to whatever is stored in the garage.

Will my garage look good after a roof replacement?

Rooftite Projects use the best material and we always keep the aesthetics of your home in mind. The attached garages and detached garages that are visible from the road will look best when they match your roof. You have more flexibility when choosing a roof for a smaller garage or a shed that is hidden behind the house because it won’t affect the look of the neighbourhood. Truth is, even a hidden garage rood will affect the way potential buyers see your home.

Materials you can use on a garage roof

Metal Roofing

Specialized metal roofing is durable and reliable. It is expensive and some people say it’s noisy when there are rain and hail storms. With garages, the noise aspect is not too bothersome.

Clay or Concrete Tiles

Clay and concrete tiles are popular choices for most roofs but aren’t ideal for garages. They may be durable, fire-resistant and beautiful but they are too heavy for a garage roof.

Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt shingles are the most commonly used roofing materials as they are durable, affordable, and cost-effective. If you choose asphalt, then you will likely be able to match your garage with your home and maintain the look of your property.

For more information about the garage roof replacements in Durban services we offer, contact Rooftite Projects today. Garage roof replacements in Durban is available through Rooftite Projects.