Plastic Guttering in Durban

Plastic Guttering in Durban

Plastic Guttering in Durban

Plastic guttering in Durban is a popular option as it is reliable, durable, and affordable. Plastic guttering is a popular option for guttering systems due to its durability, quality, and affordability. We install all types of plastic guttering systems from half round to square-shaped. With decades of experience in plastic guttering in the Durban industry, we have the knowledge and understanding of the importance of maintaining a good relationship with all our clients.

How Long Does Plastic Guttering Last?

The general rule of thumb is that plastic guttering that has been installed in the past 10 years will likely last up to 30 years due to new manufacturing formulations that are used. If you have plastic gutters that are over 20 years old, you would likely be ready for an upgrade.

The benefits of Plastic Guttering in Durban

With the damp climate and moisture in Durban plastic guttering is perfect. because plastic does not rust your gutters have a much longer lifespan.

Easy to install

Plastic gutters are easy to install and not much time is required to replace them.


Plastic gutters are cheaper than metal gutters and they come in a variety of colors, saving you money on having to paint or hire a painter. Plastic gutters are aesthetically pleasing to the eye too.

No need to paint

As mentioned above, no painting is necessary. Say goodbye to peeling paint, rot, and rust. Plastic gutters are water-resistant and keep their smooth appearance for decades.

Easy to clean

No one wants to spend their weekends cleaning gutters as it is time-consuming and dangerous. Old gutters are the worst when it comes to collecting debris and rust. Replace older gutters with plastic gutters and you will never have to deal with rusty, dirty, and unsightly gutters again. Plastic gutters are much easier to clean and keep clean.

Strong and durable

Well, this is a good enough reason to install plastic gutters. Say goodbye to unwanted corrosion and gutters falling off due to snowfall or storms. For all your plastic guttering requirements, call Rooftite today.

Plastic guttering

Plastic guttering in Durban at an affordable price

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