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Guttering System in Durban South Africa

Guttering is a vital part of a home and you will need well installed guttering system. When you have properly installed guttering, your home will be kept structurally sound and damp and water proof. Something that is this important should be done by a professional.

Rooftite Projects is dedicated to the idea that the customer deserves the best workmanship possible. We use top end materials and products and highly trained craftsmanship which is second to none. At Rooftite Projects we do not take shortcuts and get things right the first time. Every guttering system that we install is checked before we leave your property. Our rates are affordable and we focus on one thing, the best guttering in Durban.

When to call in the guttering system experts.

Ever notice a steady stream of water pouring down the outside of your window on a rainy day? It probably means that you need gutters or a joint in your gutter system has failed. If left unrepaired, the leak could potentially cause damage to your foundation and landscaping. This can be avoided when you install seamless gutters.

Seamless gutters mean exactly that. Instead of coming in standard lengths which must be pieced together, seamless gutters require onsite creation and professional installation.

 Here are a few factors to consider about seamless guttering:

  • Seamless guttering costs more but is well worth the investment
  • They come in different colors to match your home
  • The job should only take a few hours and there won’t be much noise

If you require nmore information about guttering system, feel free to contact Rooftite Projects today.


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