replace roof flashing

Replace Roof Flashing

Do you need to replace roof flashing in your roof? Flashing can become badly corroded and will need to be replaced. You will need to remove several rows of shingles as well as old flashing to achieve this.

You could attempt to do this yourself, but it’s better to call a roofing contractor. Rooftite Projects team of roofing experts are experienced chipping out the old mortar and caulking along the edges of the flashing. We use the best products to seal joints between flashings.

What is Roof Flashing?

Roof flashing is placed on roof edges, junctions and valleys and between roofing and any obstructions such as skylight perimeters, chimneys and vent pipes. It has a main function to direct heavy water flow into gutters and protecting the parts of the roof and external walls that are prone to leaks. Examples of flashing include:

  • Continuous flashing between vertical walls and sloped roof
  • Chimney flashing
  • Step flashing – where roof meets dormers side walls
  • Valley flashing – where two roof planes meet
  • Vent pipe flashing – fits over pipes and flues

Flashings are usually made of steel or copper but come in plastic, rubber and heavy duty roofing felt. Over time, the flashing succumbs to water and the weather.

How do I know that Flashing Needs to Be Repaired?

One first sign is that your roof will leak. Flashing deteriorates over time due to rust or coming away. Call Rooftite Projects to assess the leaks.  

 What will Roofing Contractor Do? Rooftite Projects uses safety equipment to safely examine your whole roof. We will start by removing any debris from the flashing, gutters and drains and then do any repair work where needed.

We can repair any small signs of corrosion but will replace the flashing if the corrosion is severe. Depending on the degree of damage and the are it is found, there are various methods we use to replace roof flashing.

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