Pro Roofing in Durban

Pro Roofing in Durban

Pro roofing in Durban. The team at Rooftite Projects knows that roofing contractors are not alike. You will find many roofers who install the same roofing products, but you will need to look closer at the values and experience and then make a choice. We understand that you need a contractor who will install your new roof properly first time around.

Pro Roofing done by Rooftite Projects

We specialize in roofing, seamless gutter and siding. As roofing contractors, we provide quality materials and skilled staff to provide an exceptional product.

With years of experience and expertise to solve almost any roofing issue, you may have, we are the company to call.  Pro roofing specializes in repairs of storm damage. Severe weather systems lessen the damage to your roof and cause leaks that destroy the interior of your home.

How Often Should I have my roof maintained?

We suggest that you have your roof inspected at least twice a year. Mostly before the rainy season and during the autumn months when leaves begin to fall. If you only have your roof inspected once a year, you are giving the possibility of leak 365 days to develop. As they say “prevention is better than cure” and will save you an arm and a leg. A neglected leak will travel across your property before falling below the deck of your roof and then weaken your structure.

There is a certain amount of skill that goes into building a custom roof that not only stand the test of time but is aesthetically appealing

Roofing services including roofing waterproofing, and guttering

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