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Rooftite Projects is a large commercial, industrial and residential roofing near me roof repairs contractor. Rooftite roofing projects are experienced in the evaluation and installation of both low sloped and steep-sloped roof systems. Headquartered in Durban, we provide services throughout South Africa. The majority of our customers are located in Durban. With regard to installation, Rooftite Projects provides services throughout the US, through the majority of our customer base. Rooftite Projects offers budget-conscious roof overlay or complete removal and replacement.

Rooftite Projects is proficient in the installation of all major roof technologies to meet every one of our customers’ needs and excels at meeting customer demand with regard to responsiveness and quality of work while remaining budget-conscious. This is the foundation on which Rooftite Projects has built a solid customer service base and continues to exhibit steady growth in the roofing industry.

Repairs to all types of roofing

Rooftite Projects is able to offer fully warranted roof systems. Rooftite Projects is a top tier contractor.  We repair and install all types of roofing for homes, commercial businesses, and residential buildings. Always hire a local, reputable, licensed roofing contractor in Durban to repair your hail damage or wind damaged roof. We have probably worked directly with your insurance company before. Give us a call and we will coordinate all repairs and insurance claims for you.

Your new roof’s warranty is only as good as the company that backs it!  We have been in Durban for years and we’re still growing!  We put our best work into every roof repair or installation we do – as if we were putting a roof on our own house! Our technicians are well-trained and we don’t cut corners.  We use the best roofing products that last!  When we install your roof, you’re also getting the peace of mind knowing your roof was done right the first time!

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