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Roof Fixing Companies

Is your house in need of some TLC? Is your roof or siding in need of replacement? Looking to spruce up the interior or exterior of your home with a new coat of paint? Rooftite Projects has been the go-to roof fixing companies for full-service roofing, painting, and gutter services in the Greater Durban area for more than two decades.

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Our experts have extensive experience with roof repair and replacement, as well as interior and exterior painting. With a solid foundation in new house construction and many years of residential remodeling, our team includes a certified general contractor and a licensed insurance adjuster. Rooftite Projects can handle any job, from modest roof leak repairs to huge roofing overhauls.

For any problem you’re having with your roof, we can provide experienced and emergency roof repair service. If your roof is more than 12-15 years old and you’re experiencing leaks or other problems, it’s probably time to repair it. If your roof is newer, our estimator and experts can conduct a thorough assessment and advise you on the best course of action.

Our roof repair firm can help with problems like:

Leaks: One of the most typical repair issues we deal with is a leaking roof. Leaks usually occur at or near the flashing detail and are caused by faulty installation fastening. Leaks can also occur when there isn’t a proper moisture barrier in place.

Blow-offs: Improper flashing installation can result in open seams and laps. Wind and moisture infiltration can loosen shingles and cause them to blow off the roof if they are exposed to the elements.

Curled shingles: Moisture from rising air can become trapped in the roof decking if attics are poorly aired. Mold can grow on the shingles’ edges, causing them to curl. The roofer may be able to flatten them if the curling is mild, but significantly curled shingles will almost always need to be replaced.

Ponding: A flat roof with no pitch or slope, commonly referred to as a “dead-level” roof, can collect pools of water, particularly after heavy rain. To avoid leaks and other damage, it’s often required to eliminate these ponds and, more significantly, to discover the cause of the ponding.

Roof repair problems are frequently caused by faulty installation work. A common occurrence occurs when a roofing firm fails to clean, dry, and prime the region prior to installation, resulting in accelerated aging.

Repairs that aren’t done correctly: Perhaps you’ve called a roofing company before to fix a leak or replace a few missing shingles. The roofers may exacerbate the problem if they do not take the time to finish the work right or use substandard materials. That is why it is critical to select a high-quality roof fixing companies with a proven track record of providing outstanding roof repair service.

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