Roof Gully Repairs

Roof Gully Repairs in Durban and Surrounding

Roof Gully Repairs

Do you need roof gully repairs? Roof valleys and gullies are essential components of every roof. These are channels that go up and down your roof’s angles and “folds.” Unless your roof is exceptionally simple, you’re likely to have at least one roof gully or valley. Unfortunately, these places are particularly susceptible to deterioration, putting your roof’s water tightness in danger and exposing your home to water damage. We’ll look at some of the most typical reasons why your roof gullies and valleys might need to be repaired.

Gully Erosion

Leaves, twigs, tree branches, dirt, and even ice or snow collect in roof gullies and valleys. This buildup of debris obstructs the natural downward flow of water, causing water to become trapped and pool. This causes seepage and can cause the materials in the valley or gulley to degrade. Debris removal regularly will ensure good drainage and safeguard your roofing materials.

You can count on us if you’re not sure whether you need roof gully repairs. Roof gully and valley repair is a specialty of our suggested expert roofing professionals. Our crew would be happy to inspect your roof to see whether it could benefit from our roof repair services.

Gully Drain Repair

Due to the constant wear and tear from rainwater and debris collecting and running through them before draining into your gutters, valleys are among of the most vulnerable regions to roof leaks. When it storms, it’s usual for valleys on older roofs to leak, as the extra weight can cause worn flashing to fail. Roof valley leaks can occur for a variety of causes, but they can usually be repaired quickly and inexpensively.

Roof valleys are only found in houses built on an “L” or “T.” shaped design. A “V” shaped valley is formed when the pitched roof on one leg of the “L” or “T” meets the pitched roof on the other leg. That’s the valley on the roof. Flashing is a “V” shaped sheet of metal, commonly lead, that runs the length of the valley and is covered by roof tiles or slates to make the connection.

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