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The roof is the top covering of a building which includes the construction and materials needed to support the roof on the walls of the building or on its uprights. The roof provides protection from the rain, sunlight, and extreme weather conditions. The roof is essential for all industrial buildings and homes. Roofing is done by roofing companies and roof contractors.

Industrial Roofing Company

Rooftite Projects is an industrial roofing company in Reservoir Hills offering multiple options for your roof:

·         New roofs installed in Reservoir Hills

·         Roof restoration in Reservoir Hills

·         Roof repairs in Reservoir Hills 

·         Yearly roof maintenance in Reservoir Hills

Industrial Roofing in Reservoir Hills done by Rooftite Projects includes any type of roof, building roofs, plant roofs, warehouse roofs, shopping mall roofs, school roofs, factory roofs, and all commercial roofs in Reservoir Hills KZN.

Commercial Roofing Companies

·         Roof inspections

·         Roof restorations

·         Roof maintenance

·         Roof repairs solutions

Rooftite Projects provides all your commercial roofing solutions in Reservoir Hills KZN.

We specialize in Industrial and Commercial Roofing, construction, roofing repair, maintenance and installation of commercial and industrial roof systems in Reservoir Hills.

Roof Repairs

Roof repairs in Reservoir Hills done by Rooftite Projects. We carry out all roof repairs to any roofing system. Roofing systems can fall victim to severe weather outbreaks, fallen debris, vandals, excessive roof traffic or other unexpected events. The smallest of leaks can lead to catastrophic issues such as operational interruption, equipment damage and ultimately structural damage to the existing facility. Rooftite Projects do roof repairs to all types of roofing in Reservoir Hills KZN.

Quick mobilization of experienced repair teams to minimize internal damage. Rooftite Projects will provide the necessary documentation needed for your roof insurance claims. We provide existing roof assessment and quotation for the best longterm options for all roofing in Reservoir Hills.

Roof Replacement re-roofing

Rooftite Projects is a roof replacement company in Reservoir Hills, Rooftite Projects do re-roofing in Reservoir Hills KZN. For all roof replacement and re-roofing in Reservoir Hills, Rooftite Projects should be who you call when your roof needs replacement or when you decide to re-roof your roof.


Waterproofing Company in Reservoir Hills. Waterproofing of roofs done by Rooftite Projects. Rooftite Projects waterproof roofs in Reservoir Hills KZN.

Which is the best waterproofing company in Reservoir Hills?

Rooftite Projects is the best guttering company in Reservoir Hills.


Guttering Company in Reservoir Hills. Guttering for roofs done by the best guttering company in Reservoir Hills. Rooftite Projects in Reservoir Hills is a guttering company.

Which is the best guttering company in Reservoir Hills?

Rooftite Projects is the best guttering company in Reservoir Hills.

Suburban Roofing Reservoir Hills

Suburban roofing In Reservoir Hills includes industrial and commercial roofing. Rooftite Projects is a suburban roofing company in Reservoir Hills. We specialise in roofing, waterproofing and guttering. We work on all suburban roofing in Reservoir Hills.

KZN Roofing

Rooftite Projects is a KZN roofing company in Reservoir Hills KZN. Rooftite Projects for your waterproofing in KZN, guttering in KZN and KZN roofing.

Reservoir Hills

Reservoir Hills is a suburb of Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. It is administered by the eThekwini Metropolitan Municipality. It was named after the local reservoir located at the highest peak and the vast rolling hills. Reservoir Hills was an affluent, predominantly Indian suburb during the apartheid era. It is located next to Westville, KwaZulu-Natal, which was a predominantly White suburb prior to democracy in South Africa. The postal code of Reservoir Hills is 4091.

Reservoir Hill nearby Landmarks

Chetty Mansions

49 Robert Herrick Ave, Dawncrest, Westville, 3629

Farewell Square

Tree-lined square with historical monuments marking the site of Durban’s first European settlement.

1105 Church St, Durban Central, Durban, 4001

King George V Statue

271-287 Mazisi Kunene Rd, University, Berea, 4041

Things to do Nearby Reservoir Hill

Science and Technology Education Centre/ Geology Education Museum

University of KwaZulu-Natal Westville Campus, H1 Building Ground Floor, University Rd, Durban, 4001

The Bergtheil Museum Westville

Landmark house museum, built-in 1840, exhibiting early settler life with rooms of antiques & relics.

16 Queens Ave, Berea West, Westville, 3629

Paradise Valley

10 Oxford Rd, Pinetown, Durban, 3610

The Paradise Valley Nature Reserve, 100 hectares of coastal and remnant grassland, boasts one of the two national monuments to be found in Pinetown – The Umbilo Waterworks, which were built in 1887. All four of the trails in the reserve start at the Interpretive Centre and head down through the picnic area.

It takes about 20 minutes to reach the waterfall and another half an hour for the return. Cross the wonderful old wooden bridge at the bottom of the picnic area and follow the blue trail markers. On the other side of the river, where the trail splits, keep left on the Waterfall trail (the trail to the right is the Duiker trail). The trail goes through some large strelitzias, better known as wild bananas.

Walking downstream on the right bank of the Umbilo River, you soon pass a bridge, where the Bushbuck trail comes in from the left. A little further on, you come upon the remnants of the historic old dam wall, beyond which there’s a beautiful flat rock, which makes a perfect picnic spot. Further down, you pass some historical filter tanks before walking under the N3 freeway. The Duiker trail comes in from the right; ignore this for now but make a mental note that you need to return to this point after seeing the falls.

The waterfall’s viewing platform is just beyond the turnoff to the Duiker trail. It’s worth taking the stone steps to the bottom of the falls, where there’s a large pool, but don’t be tempted to swim there; the Umbilo River is not known for its water quality. Turn back on the same track to where the Duiker trail cuts in and follow the yellow markers from there. The trail passes a small pond and the historical waterworks slipway. When it reaches the huge yellowwood tree, the path curves right and takes you back to the wooden bridge where you started

Reservoir Hill Nearby Guesthouses

Jay and Bee Guest House

Jay & Bee Guest House is a stunning modern guest house situated in the heart of the quiet suburb of Westville North, in the beautiful green province of KwaZulu Natal. It is situated in deep vegetation with beautiful views, with the songs of local birds making your morning worth waking.

Securely protected the guest house has an electric fenced wall surrounding it with remote-controlled gates, making one stay safe and peaceful. Jay & Bee’s Guest House has excellently trained staff that offers a wonderful hospitality service to all its guests. With elegant and comfortable three-quarter, double, and queen-sized beds. Breakfast can also be served on the veranda or balcony after a wonderful night’s rest.

5 Strathearn Rd, Atholl Heights, Westville, 3630

Mama’s Lounge B&B

Mama’s Lounge Bed and Breakfast are situated in Westville, Durban.  This upmarket venue boasts 5 luxurious bedrooms, fully furnished self-catering units, and an extremely inviting swimming pool and jacuzzi. Set in a beautiful garden with breathtaking views, Mama’s Lounge Bed and Breakfast are perfectly suited for couples, families, individuals and business professionals.

Durban, 9 Robert Herrick Ave, Dawncrest, Westville, 3629

Shepherds Fold Bed & Breakfast

67 Pitlochry Rd, Dawncrest, Westville, 3629

Reservoir Hills nearby shopping centre

Village Market Shopping Centre

123-131 Jan Hofmeyr Rd, Dawncrest, Westville, 3629

Public transport

Orleans Place

Annet Dr, Reservoir Hills, Durban, 4090

Northbound Transport

141 Centre Rd, Hippo Rd, Durban, 4051

Way Station

4090, 300 Mountbatten Dr, Reservoir Hills, Durban, 4090

Driving Directions to Rooftite Projects d

Reservoir Hills. Via N2. Fastest route. Head east on Shannon Dr toward Cassia Rd. Continue on Mountbatten Dr. Take N2 to Rinaldo Rd in Red Hill, Durban North. Follow Rinaldo Rd and Longwoods Dr to Umhlanga Rocks Dr-M12. Turn right onto Umhlanga Rocks Dr-M12. Turn left onto Margaret Maytom Avenue. Destination will be on the left. Rooftite Projects Pty Ltd, 21 Margaret Maytom Avenue, Durban North, 4051 KwaZulu-Natal.

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