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The roof is the top covering of a building which includes the construction and materials needed to support the roof on the walls of the building or on its uprights. The roof provides protection from the rain, sunlight, and extreme weather conditions. The roof is essential for all industrial buildings and homes. Roofing is done by roofing companies and roof contractors.

Industrial Roofing Company

Industrial Roofing in Westville done by Rooftite Projects includes any type of roof, building roofs, plant roofs, warehouse roofs, shopping mall roofs, school roofs, factory roofs, and all commercial roofs in Westville KZN.

Rooftite Projects is an industrial roofing company in Westville offering multiple options for your roof:

New Industrial Roof Installations

Rooftite Projects applies a variety of materials to create new industrial roofing. Rooftite Projects in Westville offers reliable and economical choices for new industrial roof installations.

 New roofs installed in Westville

New roof installations services in Westville provided by Rooftite Projects. Rooftite Projects provides professional, efficient and quality workmanship on new industrial roof installations in Westville.

Roof restoration in Westville

Westville roofing restorers, Rooftite Projects offers best quotes and quality workmanship on industrial roof restorations, refurbishments and alterations.  

Roof repairs in Westville 

Rooftite Projects carry repairs to all industrial roofing types in Westville, KZN. Repairs and replacements of any roof damages to industrial roofs in Westville, KZN.

Yearly roof maintenance in Westville

Rooftite Projects is a roofing contractor in Westville offering turnkey solutions in maintaining industrial roofs of all types of roofing in Westville KZN. Rooftite Projects is a proficient roofing company that provides best quotes and business practices on yearly industrial roof maintenance in Westville, KZN.

Commercial Roofing Companies

Rooftite Projects provides all your commercial roofing solutions in Westville KZN.

We specialize in Industrial and Commercial Roofing, construction, roofing repair, maintenance and installation of commercial and industrial roof systems in Westville.

At Rooftite Projects, we offer comprehensive commercial roofing in Westville to commercial building owners in Westville. We carry out these commercial roofing services:

Roof inspections

Rooftite Projects is a commercial roofing company in Westville, KZN. Professional commercial roof inspections and free assessments services provided by Rooftite Projects in Westville, KZN.

Roof restorations

Rooftite Projects is a roofing contractor specializing in commercial roof restorations in Westville, KZN.

Roof maintenance

Ad hoc and yearly commercial roof maintenance services provided by Rooftite Projects in Westville, KZN. Rooftite Projects is a local roofer in Westville, KZN.

Roof repairs solutions

Best and affordable roof repairs solutions by Rooftite Projects in Westville. KZN. Rooftite Projects offer trusted solutions and guidance in all areas of commercial roofing repairs in Westville, KZN.

Roof Repairs

Roof repairs in Westville done by Rooftite Projects. We carry out all roof repairs to any roofing system. Roofing systems can fall victim to severe weather outbreaks, fallen debris, vandals, excessive roof traffic or other unexpected events. The smallest of leaks can lead to catastrophic issues such as operational interruption, equipment damage and ultimately structural damage to the existing facility. Rooftite Projects do roof repairs to all types of roofing in Westville KZN.

Quick mobilization of experienced repair teams to minimize internal damage. Rooftite Projects will provide the necessary documentation needed for your roof insurance claims. We provide existing roof assessment and quotation for the best longterm options for all roofing in Westville.

Roof Replacement re-roofing

Rooftite Projects is a roof replacement company in Westville, Rooftite Projects do re-roofing in Westville KZN. For all roof replacement and re-roofing in Westville, Rooftite Projects should be who you call when your roof needs replacement or when you decide to re-roof your roof.


Waterproofing Company in Westville. Waterproofing of roofs done by Rooftite Projects. Rooftite Projects waterproof roofs in Westville KZN.

Which is the best waterproofing company in Westville?

Rooftite Projects is the best guttering company in Westville.


Guttering Company in Westville. Guttering for roofs done by the best guttering company in Westville. Rooftite Projects in Westville is a guttering company.

Which is the best guttering company in Westville?

Rooftite Projects is the best guttering company in Westville.

Suburban Roofing Westville

Suburban roofing In Westville includes industrial and commercial roofing. Rooftite Projects is a suburban roofing company in Westville. We specialise in roofing, waterproofing and guttering. We work on all suburban roofing in Westville.

KZN Roofing

Rooftite Projects is a KZN roofing company in Westville KZN. Rooftite Projects for your waterproofing in KZN, guttering in KZN and KZN roofing.


Westville is a town in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa and is just west of Durban. It was a formerly independent town however it formed part of the eThekwini Metropolitan Municipality in 2002. Westville is situated 10 km inland from the Durban CBD. Westville is also central to several main townships, namely Cato Manor, Clermont and Chesterville. It was laid out on the farm Westville named in honour of Martin West, the first British lieutenant-governor of Natal,and formed in 1847. It developed from a settlement of German immigrants who arrived in 1848, and was proclaimed a borough in 1956 before being incorporated into eThekwini as part of the post-apartheid reorganization of South Africa’s municipalities. Westville boasts multiple business parks such as WestWay Office Park, Surrey and Essex Gardens which is home to small businesses and huge corporations alike, most notably the regional head office for Woolworths and the headquarters for video game retailers Game 4U. The postal code of Westville is 3629.

Westville nearby Attractions

The Bergtheil Museum Westville

The Bergtheil Museum, based in the leafy suburb of Westville is mostly focused on the first German settlers that Jonas Bergtheil brought to Natal. The museum is housed within Westville’s oldest building, featuring beautiful high stone walls and hand-hewn floorboards. A picturesque park surrounds the historical building and gives it an atmosphere of serenity.

Jonas Bergheil was the director of the Natal Cotton Company; a powerful part of history amongst those still living in KwaZulu-Natal. Take a fascinating tour around the building and learn about this part of South Africa’s history.

The Bergtheil Museum was named after Jonas Bergtheil and is housed in the oldest building in Westville, dating back to the 1840s. The museum focuses on the 1848 German settlers that Jonas Bergtheil brought to Natal as Director of the Natal Cotton Company and their contribution to the settlement of Westville, Cleremont, and New Germany.

The Bergtheil Museum also has a wonderful collection of photographs, documents, and artifacts. The building has undergone alterations over the years but the original cottage still features massive stone walls and hand-hewn yellowwood floors. The building was declared a National Monument in 1983

16 Queens Ave, Berea West, Westville, 3629

Palmiet Nature Reserve

The Recent History of the Palmiet dates back some 200 years. A wild and untamed place full of pythons and leopards. The geology page goes back 300 million years showing how the Palmiet evolved from a desert through an ice age with glaciers to the present day.

The Palmiet Nature Reserve is located in Westville which forms part of the eThekweni (Durban) Metro Region of South Africa. The reserve and river is named after the riverine plant Prionium serratum (Palmiet) which was formerly abundant in the area. The Palmiet Valley was well known to the original families from Germany who settled here in 1848. It was through this wild rugged valley that they traveled to attend church or to visit friends in neighboring New Germany. The route followed the present-day Old New Germany Road, which is now the starting point of the Palmiet Trail into the Nature Reserve. An interesting description of the Palmiet Valley is given in the book “Letters of a Natal Sheriff” edited by R.N. Currey. It appeared in the”Natal Witness” on the 11th April 1851 written by Thomas Phipson. He describes the road between Durban and New Germany

Edgecliff Rd, Dawncrest, Westville, 3629


Hotels in Westville

Ekhaya Boutique Hotel

Offering luxury accommodation in Westville, Durban, the Ekhaya Boutique Hotel offers a home-away home experience for discerning travelers. We offer a personalized guest experience, for both leisure and corporate travelers.

Located in Westville, ten minutes west of Durban, Ekhaya Boutique Hotel is also three minutes away from Westwood Mall and five minutes away from The Pavilion Shopping Centre with easy access to and from the M13 and N3.

12 Jamieson Dr, Westville, Durban, 3630


The Meritus Guest House

The Meritus Guest House in Westville, Durban, is an established home away from home for the discerning business person or family on vacation. Our accommodation is upmarket, 4 Star Graded by the Tourism Grading Council of South Africa, yet at the same time, designed and furnished for your comfort and convenience. As this is a family-run business, we ensure that you get ultimate accommodation coupled with personal and professional attention from the staff.

After being at the office, on a shopping spree, or at a beach outing, there is no better end to the day than to come home to a peaceful and luxurious evening. If that’s what you need, The Meritus Guest House is the place to stay!

17 Pitlochry Rd, Westville, Durban, 3630


Westwood Mall, Westville

Set in the lush suburb of Westville in KZN, Westwood Mall provides a fresh and exciting alternative to existing shopping centres in the area.

Opened in 2008, the mall is proud to have celebrated its 10th birthday recently and is still the proud centre of choice for many loyal shoppers throughout the Westville area and the surrounding communities.

Westwood, Durban, 4000


Foon Lok Nien Chinese Restaurant

UF12, Village Market, 123 Jan Hofmeyr Rd, Dawncrest, Westville, 3629

Westville Public transport

Comrie S K

Transit station

12 Old New Germany Rd, Dawncrest, Westville, 3629


Transit station

121 Jan Hofmeyr Rd, Dawncrest, Westville, 3629

Louise Tezz Olds

Transit station

42 Palmiet Dr, Grayleigh, Westville, 3629

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Westville. Via N2. Fastest route. Head east on King Cetshwayo Hwy. Get on N3 in Berea West from Kings Ave and St James Ave. Take N2 to Curnick Ndlovu Hwy-R102 in Mount Moriah, KwaMashu. Take exit 177 from N2. Continue on R102. Take Rinaldo Rd and Longwoods Dr to Margaret Maytom Avenue Durban North. Rooftite Projects, 21 Margaret Maytom Avenue, Durban North, 4051 KwaZulu-Natal.

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